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German experimentalists Tangerine Dream gravitated towards a more structured approach to composition on this early masterpiece of progressive electronic music; it was a tactic necessitated by the group's recent acquisition of a Moog sequencer, which took several hours a day just to tune properly. Though Phaedra was recorded under extremely trying circumstances ("Technically, everything that could go wrong did go wrong," TD founder Edgar Froese later recalled), the results were stunning, especially the 17-minute headtrip title cut, which layered an accidentally recorded Moog synth track with flute, Mellotron, bass sequencer and white noise — an additional sense of interstellar drift was created by the Moog's oscillators, which lost their tuning as the machine heated up. Challenging, otherworldly and almost indescribably beautiful, Phaedra exerted a massive influence on ambient and electronic artists for decades after its release. .

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Tangerine Dream - Sonambulistic ImageryTangerine Dream - Sonambulistic ImageryTangerine Dream - Sonambulistic ImageryTangerine Dream - Sonambulistic Imagery


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